Golden Bridge (also known as Cau Vang) was founded in June 2018 and is situated in Da Nang. The bridge was dubbed “The Golden Bridge in the Clouds” and soon rose to prominence as one of Vietnam’s most popular tourist attractions. The bridge became a representation of Da Nang’s tourism industry and was well-liked by both domestic and foreign visitors, particularly those who enjoyed taking pictures. 

When visiting Da Nang, the bridge is a must-see location. It offers visitors a plethora of amazing experiences, such as the thrill of scaling new heights, admiring breathtaking landscapes, and taking stunning check-in pictures. The Golden Bridge was acknowledged as one of the world’s most magnificent bridges.

Learn more about the Golden Bridge Da Nang and why it drew tourists from both domestic and foreign countries here. Let’s go from Da Nang to Golden Bridge Ba Na Hills trip.

Golden Bridge Da Nang
Golden Bridge Da Nang

Discover the hidden gem of Da Nang, where golden hands reach for the sky and invite you to a world of wonder

1. Golden Bridge Da Nang – The basic information about the bridge

Cau Vang was chosen as the first of the top 10 wonders of the world in 2021 by the DailyMail newspaper and magazine in the United Kingdom due to its stunning scenery. In addition, the Cau Vang was presented and disseminated via national and international digital networks, including social media, television stations, newspapers, and magazines.

Golden Bridge Da Nang has lots of national and international awards, including: 

  • FIABCI Prix d’Excellence 2018 International Architecture Award, awarded by the FIABCI International Real Estate Federation. 
  • World’s Most Impressive Bridge Award 2018, awarded by the International Association of Bridges and Structures (IABSE).
  • Project of the Year 2018 Award, awarded by the Vietnam Association of Architects.
  • Architectural Contribution Award 2018, awarded by Vietnam Architecture Magazine.
  • Outstanding Architectural Works Award 2018, awarded by the Danang Architects Association.

After that, let’s find out the basic information about the bridge and why it is a famous destination in Da Nang. You should arrive on your trip and understand which countries have gained numerous honors from nations all over the world. It was also extensively shared on social media platforms.

Golden Bridge Vietnam
Golden Bridge Vietnam

1.1 Location

If you choose not to check in at the Golden Bridge, which is a stunning location in Da Nang, you will regret your trip.

The Cau Vang is located in Da Nang City’s Hoa Vang district, Hoa Vinh commune in Sun World Ba Na Hill tourist complex. Thien Thai Flower Garden and Marseille Gas are connected by a bridge shaped like yellow silk, which creates an incredible image. Visitors can take the cable car from the Suoi Mo or Ba Na cable car stations to reach Golden Bridge.

1.2 Structure and Design of Danang Golden Bridge

Professional architectural group TA Landscape Architecture was responsible for the design and construction of the Golden Bridge Da Nang. 

With eight spans and seven piers, this bridge is 150 meters long overall. The longest span is up to 21.2 meters long. The magnificent mountains and forests that surround the Golden Bridge Da Nang were constructed at a height of 1441 meters above sea level. With two flower beds measuring one meter on each side and a pedestrian area up to three meters wide, the bridge’s surface area stretches up to five meters.

The Golden Bridge Da Nang boasts an incredibly distinctive color thanks to its shiny titanium-plated stainless steel and steel plate shell coated in gold emulsion paint. It will appear as a golden silk strip gliding across the wide blue sky from a distance. The bridge’s yellow hues stand for luck, prosperity, and wealth.

The two finely carved stone hands beneath the bridge, paired with a premium steel mesh frame, make it easier for onlookers to imagine hands sprouting from mossy rocks.

Golden Bridge Da Nang
Golden Bridge Da Nang

1.3 Golden Bridge Vietnam History

The Thien Thai Garden and Le Jardin d’Amour flower garden in the Ba Na Hills resort is connected to the Marseille cable car station by the Golden Bridge. Therefore, the Golden Bridge in Ba Na Hills was born.

Golden Bridge’s history in Vietnam is divided into three main stages:

Stage 1: Give an idea and design (2015-2017)

In October 2016, The bridge was designed by French architect TACE and constructed by Sun Group.

The goal of creating a distinctive architectural feature infused with Vietnamese cultural identity was the driving force behind the construction of the Golden Bridge. The picture of Guanyin Buddha’s hands holding people up and shielding them served as the inspiration for the Golden Bridge.

After many months of study and design, an architect finished the final design of the Golden Bridge in July 2017.

Stage 2: Execute the work (2017-2018)

In August 2017, Meade Corporation was Japan’s leading construction contractor.

Stage 3: Inaugural ceremony and opening a bridge (2018-now)

The challenging topography and inclement weather presented numerous challenges for the Golden Bridge construction project. But thanks to the efforts of the engineers and laborers, Golden Bridge was finished on time and in good condition.

Golden Bridge  Da Nang was founded on June 29th, 2018

Golden Bridge Da Nang
Golden Bridge Da Nang

1.4 Golden Bridge Vietnam Map

With Golden Bridge Vietnam Map,  you can locate Golden Bridge Ba Na Hills and other tourist destinations in Ba Na Hills with ease. Both the Golden Bridge paper map and the Golden Bridge online map are helpful for the ideal journey. You can use Google to research transportation options and your top destinations in Ba Na Hills before visiting. 

Especially, remember that online maps constantly update their data and can only be used with an internet connection. For this reason, you should ask around in addition to using online maps. Additionally, the Sun World Ba Na Hills website offers an online map download for the Ba Na Hills. You can use a tablet or smartphone to view this online map.

Golden Bridge Ba Na Hills paper map is also a popular map used when traveling to Ba Na Hills. It is recommended that you purchase a Golden Bridge map from the cable car ticket counters at Suoi Mo and Ba Na stations, as well as from gift and souvenir shops. You are unable to plan with the paper version that can only be purchased in Ba Na Hills. Nonetheless, the Golden Bridge Ba Na Hills paper maps are useful in that you do not always need to be online.

Golden Bridge Da Nang
Golden Bridge Da Nang

2. Best Time To Visit Da Nang Golden Bridge

When organizing a trip, the weather is the most important consideration. Knowing the weather in Da Nang City will improve your visit.  For detailed advice on the best time to visit Da Nang Golden Bridge in Vietnam, you can get information at Best Time To Visit Danang.

The best time to visit the Golden Bridge is early in the morning or the cool of the afternoon, particularly at sunrise or sunset.

You can take many of the most stunning pictures of the Golden Bridge Ba Na Hills in the early morning hours thanks to the soft morning light. It’s cool in the afternoon, and the gorgeous sunlight makes the Golden Bridge look fantastic.

Time: Daily from 8 a.m. to 10:00 pm.

Because the Golden Bridge is situated at a high altitude, you should pack a light jacket and a thin handkerchief to protect yourself from getting sick.

Golden Bridge Da Nang
Golden Bridge Da Nang

3. How To Get To The Golden Bridge Vietnam

Sun World’s Golden Bridge Ba Na Hills lacks an airport, your first option is to fly into Da Nang City. Major Vietnamese cities as well as many international locations offer flights to Da Nang. To move to the Golden Bridge Ba Na Hills, we introduce to visitors a variety of transportation options, including buses, taxis, motorbikes, and private cars.

Bus: The bus departs from Da Nang to pick up passengers in Ba Na in about 75 minutes. The round-trip ticket price is 150,000 VND per person. However, this bus only picks up passengers in Da Nang from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. and in Ba Na from 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m., which is quite restrictive in terms of time for tourists.

Taxi: A taxi is the most cost-effective mode of transportation for groups of 4-7 individuals. The round-trip taxi fare is between 500,000 and 600,000 VND for each car.

Motorbike: This is the finest option for travelers, particularly groups of young individuals who enjoy exploring the outdoors. This mode of transportation allows you to be the most proactive in the process of traveling and having fun in Ba Na. Prices per person range from 100,000 to 150,000 VND. If you wish to feel private and at ease for each individual. In particular, the ideal guide for your trip speaks English fluently. Consequently, renting a Private Car is the best option.

4. Golden Bridge Tours

Golden Bridge Ba Na Hills is a worthwhile destination when you arrive in Vietnam, which is a destination that has a cool climate all year round and extra stunning natural scenery. In addition to being a singular architectural creation, the Golden Bridge Ba Na Hills is a work of art that combines the splendor of nature with human creativity. Passengers walking over the bridge experience a cloud-like ride. The surrounding natural beauty of the bridge is incredibly breathtaking. Travelers can view Da Nang City and the surrounding areas from the Golden Bridge. When traveling to Da Nang City, the Golden Bridge Tour is highly recommended for your family and friends.

Hopefully, the Golden Bridge Da Nang will be strongly impressed on your trip and forever in your mind when you first arrive in Vietnam. Coming and enjoying the beauty of nature and friendly people here.