Da Nang has bars to suit every taste, from trendy beachside bars with expansive views of the ocean to small, welcoming bars hidden away in the city center. Da Nang is becoming one of the most popular tourism destinations in Vietnam, and part of what makes Da Nang so appealing is its bars. The social environment of Da Nang can be experienced in its core at these top bars, which range from lively dance floors to relaxed beachside hangouts.

Best Bar In Da Nang
Best Bar In Da Nang

Top 8 Best Bars in Da Nang You Must Visit

1. Top 8 Best bar in Da Nang

Da Nang boasts a vibrant nightlife scene, with bars catering to every taste. Whether you’re in the mood for a laid-back beach bar or a chic rooftop lounge, here’s our list of the top 8 best bars in Da Nang:

1.1 Marine Sky Bar

The Sofiana My Khe Hotel & Spa in Da Nang is not just at a great location, it’s only a three-minute walk from My Khe Beach but it also offers a remarkable rooftop experience with Marine Sky Bar. With a rooftop pool, a cozy bar and amazing 360-degree views of Da Nang City, the coastline and the sparkling oceans beyond, this rooftop oasis satisfies all of your desires. During the day, only hotel guests are served, but in the evenings, everyone is invited to the cozy Marine Sky Bar, where friends get together to enjoy well made cocktails while taking in the city’s breathtaking skyline. It’s the perfect place for special nights spent outside beneath the stars.

Marine Sky Bar
Marine Sky Bar – best Bar in Da Nang at night

1.2 New Phuong Dong

One of the best bar in Da Nang is the well-known New Phuong Dong Bar, which opened twenty-three years ago. With its expansive area, this legendary bar can hold more than 1,000 guests. Its large stage, lively music system, and eye-catching lighting create an exhilarating atmosphere that is ideal for relaxing and having a great time dancing. Featuring an extensive menu of excellent food and drink as well as a large dance company, the club promises a completely new experience each time you visit with its ever-changing themes tailored to the individual tastes of each evening’s customers.

New Phuong Dong
New Phuong Dong – best bar in Da Nang

1.3 Bamboo Bar Da Nang

Situated among the best bar in Da Nang, Bamboo Bar has an adaptable three-story concept that blends dining, music, and pool. This versatility guarantees that guests can enjoy pool, savor delectable cocktails and relax to relaxing music, making their time at Bamboo Bar Da Nang genuinely relaxing.

Bamboo Bar Da Nang
Bamboo Bar Da Nang

1.4 Sky 36

Sky 36 has been in the forefront of young entertainment in Da Nang, Vietnam, ever since its founding in 2014. It is definitely the best option for people looking for a luxurious bar and lounge in Da Nang due to its location, which provides a broad view of the city. This Da Nang sky bar features an original outdoor concept that fits well with the world’s sophisticated trends. The three-story space features a luxurious sofa bed area, an outdoor bar area, and a VIP lounge area that are all beautifully blended together. Warm golden lighting that fills the room highlights each space’s unique and exquisite design. It radiates an air of sophisticated, lavish entertainment that is unmatched by many of Da Nang’s excellent bars.

Sky 36 - Best bar in da Nang
Sky 36 – Best Bar in Da Nang

1.5 Mercy Boat Bar

Mercy Boat Bar, which occupies a magnificent 120 square meters and is located on the 15th floor, is a great place to unwind. Savor delicious pastries and excellent beverages while indulging in cocktails here. Additionally, Sky Bar offers the chance to take in the expansive views of the city and the sea from an elevated viewpoint, making for an unique and romantic experience.

1.6 Sevva Sky Lounge

Sevva, which sits on the rooftop of the New Orient Hotel, serves up delectable food and fantastic beverages while also providing a relaxing setting with state-of-the-art lighting and sound equipment, trendy music, and expansive views of the entire city. This is a fantastic location for get-togethers with loved ones, friends, and coworkers. It might be argued that Sevva Sky Lounge has a knack for surprising customers by frequently bringing in well-known performers and singers, in addition to offering an abundance of incredible deals and promotions. You can enjoy the elegance and refinement of one of the newest Sky Bars in the Central area in Sevva.

Sevva Sky Lounge
Sevva Sky Lounge

1.7 Sky 21 Bar

Among Da Nang’s rooftop bars, Sky 21 Bar is unique since it is located above the Belle Maison Parosand Danang Hotel. It’s a great place to spend time under the stars with loved ones since it provides a large, airy space with expansive views of the city and shoreline. There is an infinity pool at the venue, which makes for an exciting dip on the top floor. This Da Nang sky bar features attentive personnel, clean environments, and an electrifying atmosphere created by expert DJs and live bands. If you’re wondering where to go in Da Nang at night, the flawless fusion of space, music, delicious dishes, and perfect lighting creates an entertainment paradise that’s definitely worth a visit.

Sky 21 Bar
Sky 21 Bar

1.8 Saga Music Bar

For lovers of electronic music, Saga Da Nang is the place to go. This relaxed, late-night bar offers a good assortment of wines, spirits, beers and cocktails in a welcoming setting. Saga Bar can be found a few streets from My Khe Beach in Danang’s bustling An Thuong entertainment zone. Using a variety of electronic music genres, house, tech, world electronica, and techno, this bar sends the guests on a sonic trip every night. Get yourself a drink, mingle, or get down on the dance floor if you’re a music lover.

2. What to do in da nang at night?

When the sun goes down, Da Nang, Vietnam, offers a vibrant variety of activities for its nightlife. Making the most of your evenings in this seaside city means exploring nightclubs, beachfront cafes, night markets, and a variety of cultural attractions. One of the highlights of traveling to Vietnam is the nightlife in Da Nang. Vibrant nightclubs and peaceful beach fronts are just a few of the many entertainment options that Da Nang’s stunning coastal city has to offer after dark. If you are wondering what to do in Da Nang at night, you may check our helpful article: Da Nang Nightlife – Top Things To Do In Da Nang At Night

Da Nang Nightlife
Da Nang Nightlife

3. How to get around in Da Nang?

3.1 Take a private Car

Your Da Nang transfers will be easy with our private vehicle service. To fully experience the breathtaking landscape, the local way of life, and the vibrant atmosphere of this beach city in Vietnam, plan a flexible, simple, and proactive trip to Da Nang.

hue car rental
Take a private car in Da Nang

3.2 Rent a Motorbike

If you’re a motorbike rider, how about renting one and starting your day trip to this stunning coastal city? Many visitors choose to ride motorcycles alone as it is less expensive. In Da Nang, renting a scooter or motorbike is easy and costs between 80,000 and 150,000 VND per day.

3.3 Join tour Da Nang by night

In Central Vietnam, Danang is well known for its magnificent beaches and well-known sites. However, Danang’s charm goes beyond these sights; trying its various foods is an adventure in and of itself. Our Da Nang Food Tour by Night takes you through the fascinating world of Vietnamese cuisine as the cityscape changes with the glow of city lights. Savor the vivid flavors under the starry sky so join our Da Nang Food Tour by Night now!

Da Nang by Night with Han River Cruise
Da Nang by Night with Han River Cruise

To sum it up, the best bar in Da Nang is determined by a number of factors, including the environment, the drinks that are served, the cost, and individual preferences. After taking into account the popular selections and suggestions from the community, it becomes evident that every bar has a distinct charm and experience of its own. The ideal bar in Da Nang is ultimately a matter of opinion and what kind of nightlife experience you’re searching for. Investigating several choices will help you select the one that most closely matches your tastes. To a fantastic evening spent exploring Da Nang!